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Project Management
Our experience of project delivery in various roles on projects of different size, complexity and value means we can provide robust project management services for both Contractor and Client alike. We offer a range offer project management services and can operate on both JCT and NEC projects. 

Listed below are some the various services we offer our customers which can be adapted and tailored to suit your needs.

Project Management

Client Side

  • Pre-construction period project management

  • NEC 3 accredited project management 

  • NEC 4 accredited project management

  • Procure 22 (P22)project management

  • JCT project management

Contractor Side

  • Pre-construction Bid / project management

  • JCT project / contracts management

  • Operations / contracts management

  • P22 pre-construction Bid / project management

  • NEC 3 accredited project / contracts management

  • NEC 4 accredited project / contracts management

Project Management
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